It’s a process.

For many people, the idea of “changing one’s mind” is a difficult process. My approach to diversity and inclusion is that I want you to engage in a long-term process, one in which we are often thinking about our first messages, our current ideas, and our experiences in this world. I don’t want to change your mind — I want to loosen it.

In order to learn, grow, and contribute to good in our lives, we must “loosen our minds“. By doing so, we seek to understand, we work from a position of believing everyone has good intentions, and we look to find common ground. Getting to this common ground, however, is riddled with challenges and obstacles that we need to meet and overcome. Can we do it together?

Through conversations, diverse perspectives, active listening, and critical reasoning, we can teach ourselves to constantly name, interpret, analyze, and interrupt racism and oppressive actions.

Like with any change, the first few moments are the most difficult. Those are the moments we want to quit. We want to give up.

But, learning is a process. We are growing. We are teaching. We are trying on ideas and integrating perspectives.

Let us travel on that road together.